Thursday, September 23

A website for writers

In my procratination to do something, anything, but write, I found a website! One that I think will help me with my unthoughts. Maybe, none of you have "unthoughts" but I sure do.  It's when your brain thinks of a thousand things (or more) and none of them is what you should be thinking.

This website is in its infancy? However, the owner is not.  She, Barbara Baig, is a writer, teacher, and a cheerleader to people she doesn't know that want to write. Me.

I decided I need lessons. I need some sort of organization to my writing thoughts. 

The first lesson is to write for ten minutes.  OMG. I thought, ten minutes? Not something I can do, sit and write for a solid ten minutes.  This morning, I did it.  I made a new folder in my documents and labeled it for writing practice.  I opened a new word document and dated it.  I set the timer on my cell phone for ten minutes.  I started typing. The ten minutes ended in faster time than I imagined.  She states if nothing comes to your head keep writing the last word until something does.  I have four places that my head emptied with a repeated word.  But, to my amazement, my mind told me more to write.  And now I believe doing this ten minute exercise each morning will help in clearing my head, directing it in the right places and hopefully STOP my procrastination.

Check it out, Lessons, and see if her suggestions help you.

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