Saturday, December 4

Loglines, log-lines, one-line summary GEESH

Have you tried to write one sentence that sums up your story? I have, and tried, and again and again. Crap.
Let me demonstrate.
A log line should include your protagonist, her goal, and what stands in her way. Let me demonstrate.

Susie wants to sell sea shells. What's standing in her way? She lives in the mountains. She needs money to buy sea shells. How is she going to raise the money to buy sea shells? She'll sell her body. Those mountain men are insatiable. Now she has a shit load of money and sets up a shell shop. Problem is with the economy, no one wants to buy her shells and the hours she puts in standing around are tiresome. She needs to rest.

In struts Johnny Walker. He doesn't want sea shells. Susie has a chance to lay down for 100 bucks and about 20 minutes of her time. Now her goal has changed, screw the shells.

 Lets write what this story is about in one sentence:

Susie's shell business is put on hold when Johnny Walker enters her shop and asks for cherry pie.

No, that's not it.

When Susie realizes selling shells is hard work, she lays down on the job and stops shining her shells because she's takin' a shinin' to somebody else.

NO, that's not it either.

When Susie Sunshine opens up a shell shop, Johnny Walker demands more time and Susie feels obligated to give it to him.


Oh Wait, Susie's real goal is to earn money. I think she's doing a hell of a job. Do you think an agent will ask for more pages?

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