Monday, September 27


In my neverending blog reading I have found informative links for writing.  I have so many bookmarks and favorites that my menu bars are covered with them.

Today I want to tell you about another great source I have found. Martha Alderson. Also known as the Plotwhisperer.

Don't ask how I found her, I'm sure it was in a round about way. I purchased a DVD she made of a workshop for children's and YA fiction.  (I will add that it was a fast ship too. Always nice to know.)
This workshop teaches you about plot and has great direction on tools to use BEFORE you start writing.
She uses the MG novel Al Capone does my shirts as an example.  If you haven't read it, read it.  It is a great, fun middle grade fiction by Gennifer Choldenko.

I have finally decided after writing for several months.  A person really needs to do the stuff I hate.  Outlining your novel.  There may be some of you that can sit down and write from start to finish and get a rough draft of a story.  But to me writing 50,000 words seems like a daunting task that I will never reach.
Martha also has a series on You tube that I think may be of interest to new and seasoned writers. So check her out.

And now, I must do my 10 minutes of freewriting and go on to outlining.

Thursday, September 23

A website for writers

In my procratination to do something, anything, but write, I found a website! One that I think will help me with my unthoughts. Maybe, none of you have "unthoughts" but I sure do.  It's when your brain thinks of a thousand things (or more) and none of them is what you should be thinking.

This website is in its infancy? However, the owner is not.  She, Barbara Baig, is a writer, teacher, and a cheerleader to people she doesn't know that want to write. Me.

I decided I need lessons. I need some sort of organization to my writing thoughts. 

The first lesson is to write for ten minutes.  OMG. I thought, ten minutes? Not something I can do, sit and write for a solid ten minutes.  This morning, I did it.  I made a new folder in my documents and labeled it for writing practice.  I opened a new word document and dated it.  I set the timer on my cell phone for ten minutes.  I started typing. The ten minutes ended in faster time than I imagined.  She states if nothing comes to your head keep writing the last word until something does.  I have four places that my head emptied with a repeated word.  But, to my amazement, my mind told me more to write.  And now I believe doing this ten minute exercise each morning will help in clearing my head, directing it in the right places and hopefully STOP my procrastination.

Check it out, Lessons, and see if her suggestions help you.

Tuesday, September 14


Trading Faces by Julia DeVillers and Jennifer Roy

Great MG fiction written in real time.  Twins, Emma (the smart one) and Payton (the social butterfly) start 7th grade in a new school.  For the first time, ever, they have different schedules. A little scary for these sisters that have been together forever. After Payton has an upset with new friends, Emma offers to take her place. For the day. The girls soon learn trading places is a little more complicated than originally planned.

The Lace Reader by Brunonia Barry

Fascinating read. Towner Whitney thinks her life has been fine since she moved to California.  When her brother calls with the news that her Aunt is missing and possibly dead, Towner goes home to Salem.

At the beginning of her story, Towner admits she's a liar and not to believe what she tells us.  But the further I read, I believed.

Her mixed up family, and the death of her twin sister finally comes to light and I wanted to kick myself for believing this girl from a family of women that could read lace.