Tuesday, July 20

Day One and the word Purchase

I was fortunate to be picked by the Shark to win a Promotional copy of DAY ONE by Bill Cameron.  OMG It was sooo good.  I loved it.  I sure would like to see a query letter on this one.  It would be interesting to see how that was written.  To purchase a copy of Day One click it.  Ask your local library to get a copy, more than one....I'm sure there'll be a waiting list for this. I will warn you that there is some rough language, but hey it wouldn't be the same without it.

On to the word PURCHASE. I read it in one of the Twilight series, you know with Bella, Edward and Jacob.  It stopped me in the middle of my reading as it had nothing to do with money but with getting your feet on stable ground.  I read the word again in a couple of other best sellers (which sorry I don't remember which ones) and then AGAIN in Day One.  Okay, and they all referred to getting a foot hold in mud or slippery hills.
Of course I couldn't put Day One down to bother looking it up and seeing a real definition.  I had to wait til I finished the last word.  And then I got out my thesaurus and here is what it says:  3--a secure hold or grasp also: advantageous leverage.

None of the characters could get an advantageous leverage where they were walking, crawling, or otherwise in deep shit.

Since I read this word in highly advertised fiction, perhaps I need to use the word in my current WIP. Or better yet how about the title?  Hee hee.

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