Sunday, August 8

e-readers vs page turners

Being that I love to read a good mystery this decision may or may not effect me.

I haven't even looked at an e-reader in person.  I'm not sure how they work.  BUT, don't they need a battery? Does the battery last 10 hours or only 2? Will the battery die when my protaganist is about to
make the biggest decision of her life?

So, I'm from the school of the PAGE TURNER. I like the feel of a book in my hands.  The rapid rate that I need to turn the page to see what's happening. The fact that I am so involved my dog has to piss on my leg to get my attention.

As publishing evolves, and there's a lot happening right now.  More than I understand. Will I need an e-reader to read the latest best seller?  I hope not.  I love going into a bookstore and being bombarded by images of book covers, artfully done. The colors, the smell, the quiet. The way the bookshelves hold treasures as I gaze at the spines deciding what wonderful tale will be uncovered when I pull the book from it's shelf.

What will a Page Turner be called on an e-book? A Button Pusher? A Scroll Roller? A Thumb Blisterer?
It sure won't be a Nail-Biter. If your biting your nails you might hit delete.


yolospat said...

ave a Kindle and it's brought reading back to me in a HUGE way. I'm reading up to 25 novels a month now. Not more hand cramps or crossed eyes from all the different fonts. The Kindle has a built in battery that lasts for about 10 days with the wireless turned off, or 5 days with the wireless on. I would highly recommend!

Alice said...

Thanks yolospat, 10 days, wow, that's longer than my phone!